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"Most Valuable Global Brands (2021)"

Each year, research group Kantar BrandZ ranks companies based on their “brand value,” which is measured by:

  1. A brand’s total financial value, which is the financial contribution that brand brings to its parent company ($ value).
  2. Multiplied by its proportional value, measured by the brands proportional impact on its parent company’s sales (% value).

The financial results are then combined with quantitative survey data, sourced from over 170,000 global consumers. The end result is a holistic look at a company’s brand equity, reputation, and ability to generate value.

The Top 10 comprise two from Consumer Goods & Retail (Amazon, Alibaba), one from Technology (Apple), three from Media & Entertainment (Google, Tencent, Facebook), one from Business Solutions & Tech (Microsoft), two from Financial Services (Visa, Mastercard), and one from Food & Beverage (McDonald's).

Source: Kantar BrandZ

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Yes, Tencent was a hard one for those in North America. It is a Chinese tech and entertainment company that is considered the biggest in the gaming industry. This article lists a bunch of games they own (e.g., Riot Games).

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