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Patrick Russo
"Discussion of Wages & Jobs by Political Lean"

More positive economic terms like “employment,” “jobs,” “raises,” and “wages” were actually talked about disproportionately less frequently by the Far Left in June, July, and August of 2021, but disproportionately more since December 2021. This while all other political orientations talked about it less than they did Dec 2020-Feb-2021.

Despite how critical inflation and unemployment are - we’re experiencing the highest inflation in 40 years and we’re just 10 basis points above the lowest unemployment in 50 years - the manner in which outlets with different political orientations talk about the economy changes over time. The data suggests that outlets aligned with the party in power focus on the positives yet minimize the negatives while those not aligned with the party in power do the opposite.

Source: PeakMetrics


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