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Patrick Russo
"Discussion of Inflation by Political Lean"

Discussion of inflation by outlets/sites/authors of all political orientations has increased. However, the Far Right media and Slightly Right media have increased their coverage of inflation more than the Far Left and Slightly Left, especially since the turn of 2021 when President Biden took office.

At its peak in March 2022, the Far Right was talking about inflation 2.4 times the rate they were Dec 2020-Feb-2021 while the Far Left was talking about inflation 1.5 times the rate they were in Dec 2020-Feb-2021. The period Dec 2020-Feb-2021 was chosen as the base because it’s roughly half before and half after Biden’s inauguration.

Source: PeakMetrics

alex Alex Damianou

I sense there was a general feeling about media bias and polarization but it's interesting to see when the data backs it up

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