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Emily Irion
"Americans\u2019 Views on Climate Change"

These graphs illustrate national public opinion over time to show the trend of Americans’ views on climate change and how much Americans engage with the issue. In general, America's views on climate change have been increasing since 2010.

What the chart tells us:

  • 73% of Americans believe global warming is happening.
  • Assuming global warming is happening, 60% believe it is caused mostly by human activities.
  • 57% believe Most scientists think global warming is happening

Check out the survey questions and methodology here.


Source: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

patrick Patrick Russo
It's interesting that while the percent who believe global warming is concurring and the percent who believe it is hum caused is just above the percentages on 2008, the belief in it being a scientific consensus rose 11 basis points.

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