I think today's factle was inaccurate. The chart does not take into consideration all of the countries. (Only 8 countries were listed in the data set.)

According to timeanddate.com, here are some of the hours of daylight that were MISSING from the data set on April 6, 2023.

Damascus - 12:44

Tokyo - 12:44

Islamabad - 12:42

All of which are shorter than Mecca (which was listed as 5th place on factle) at 12:27 hours of daylight.

By our calculations, of the options listed, the correct order should have been

Oslo - 13:43

London - 12:58

Istanbul - 12:53

New York - 12:53

Tokyo - 12:44

Damascus - 12:44

Islamabad 12:42


Has anyone else found the same results?

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