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"Football clubs with most English Titles"

There are 24 clubs who have won the English title, including 7 who have won the Premier League (1992–present). The most recent to join the list were Leicester City (2015–2016 champions) and before that, Nottingham Forest (1977–1978) and Derby County (1971–1972).

The English Premier League is England's top-flight league and the most valuable league in the world. Its revenue generation has been tremendous since its inception, as it is the most commercially successful league in the world. It is also regarded as the most-watched league globally, with an estimated audience of around four billion.

As of 2022, it generates over $3.14 billion annually from sponsorship deals, international TV rights, and multiple endorsements. This is why the league's current valuation is at a whopping $9.03 billion.

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Source: English Football Association, English Premier League, Wikipedia

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